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Hello there. We are UPON design studio. We are a small design studio based in Belgrade. We create awesome websites, user interfaces, logos and other digital stuff. We're here to make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you want to hire us on your next project.

Creative Ideas

In order to stand out you need to think differently. Think outside the box.

For example: Is zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

At UPON a zebra iz pink with black and white stripes.


The world is growing smaller and smaller. Not because of some strange quantum entaglement but thanks to availability of internet and the implementation of technology in our everyday lives.

We strive to bring innovation into everything we do.

Design and Development

Art is the most profound creation of human civilization. Design is the art of visual communication, design is beauty and function combined. Design is passion.

Design is what we do.

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Our services.

Web Design

Designing and developing a website that captivates the eye and serves its purpose perfecly is no easy task.

Good for us we love doing it.

Even better, we are great at it.

Web Development

Developing the websites is a challenge we truly love. Content Management Systems (CMS) are kind of our passion. People dont understand how complex this process really is. As our programmer once said: "All you need to do is use the PHP to return data from MySql database, place it in a jQuery animated HTML container and style it with some CSS".

SEO Services

"I want to be first on Google". We know you do. We know all the steps needed. We know how its done. Still, most of our clients probably won`t be. Maybe for a little while, surely for some keywords, but please, lets be realistic. You just want to be on the first page for a broad spectrum of keywords. We can get you there!

Print Design

Can you even imagine a world without print. We can not. From business cards to magazines to posters, wall decorations, huge billboards. Printed on paper, PVC, wood, glass, vehicles, shirts we can design and prepare any kind of print material.

Logo Design & Branding

You can always tell your cousin to make you a logo. But please, ask for an explaination on how is that shape and color appropriate for the type of bussiness you run, is the typeface used in the logo suitable for you and why. Ask them to make a version in negative and then export it to curves and CMYK. Or keep the good family relations good, and come to us. We will do far more than that for your brand.

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Featured works.

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About us.

UpOn was founded by Vladan Pešić in 2007 as a web design studio. It is based in Belgrade, Serbia but our work is global. From UK to Zambia to USA and back.

The main orientation of our work is in the field of web design, but we are no strangers to all other fields of design.

Our Process

  1. First we talk to or clients to find out what they think they need.
  2. Add 8 years of experience to the mix.
  3. Think creatively, research, have some fun brainstorming and come UP with a good idea.
  4. Present the first draft of the idea to the client in the form of design sketches.
  5. If client likes the idea, start working ON it. If not - we go back to step 2. once more.
  6. Now we photograph, crop, cut, paste, design, code, color-match, resize, test, proof, problem-solve, have a break, continue, code some more, retouch, vectorize, copy, paste, check for errors, separate colors, rearrange elements, have a ground breaking idea that can change the world as we know it and find out on Google that it has already been discovered but it was a complete failure, recheck everything, sleep on it, take a look at our work tomorrow with a clear head and once we are satisfied show it to our clients.
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Get in touch.

Ideas, requests, quotes, questions?
Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

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